Important Notes and Reminders

Important Notes and Reminders

Chronic Absenteeism

  • After ten excused absences or tardies, the student and family will be referred to their assistant principal who will determine if a medical note will be required for future excused notes to be accepted.
  • Students who have five or more unexcused absences will meet with school officials to determine a cause and work to provide supports for more regular school attendance.
  • Students who have two or more unexcused absences after the initial conference will need to have a formal meeting with their school administrator to review prior interventions and develop a formal attendance plan. Because of the strain late and make up work due to unexcused absences put on school staff, students may not submit any late work or retake any assessments until this meeting has occurred and the plan is developed.


Class Cuts and Tardies

  • When students arrive late to class, it causes a significant disruption to the learning environment as the teacher is stops their instruction to update attendance and get the arriving student settled in. Students who skip an entire class period cause even more concern as they are unaccounted for in the school.


  • Class cuts and tardies will be combined into a single, administration-generated referral. Students who have accumulated the more than the allotted limit of combined tardies or class cuts (listed below) will be placed on social probation, barring students from attending all after school events, field trips or other activities.
    • Interim 1: 10
    • Marking Period 1: 20
    • Interim 2: 30
    • Marking Period 2: 40
    • Interim 3: 50
    • Marking Period 3: 60
    • Interim 4: 70


Mandatory Withdrawal

  • In order to comply with Virginia Department of Education recordkeeping requirements, students shall be withdrawn from PWCS student membership rolls after 15 consecutive days of absence regardless of whether their absences are excused or unexcused. Withdrawn students are not excused from mandatory school attendance requirements and are expected to reenroll as soon as possible. Students who withdraw to attend a non-PWCS school should notify the previously attended school as soon as possible and make reasonable attempts to follow the withdrawal procedures.