Military Families

Woodbridge Senior High School S2S-Purple Viking Program

The Virginia Purple Star Designation is awarded to military-friendly schools that have demonstrated a major commitment to students and families connected to our nation's military. What this means is that Woodbridge Senior High School (WSHS) will continue to provide outstanding service in areas of counseling and support services to our student body and with a keen awareness of the needs of our military students and families. We also partner with the Military Child Education Coalition, (MCEC) specifically, the Student to Student Program. The MCES believes that enabling the student to be successful in our education system by providing them the tools necessary to become college, career, and life-ready is of the highest importance.

The Purple Star Program at WSHS is the S2S-Purple Viking Program - Our program is designed on the foundation of the Virginia
Purple Star program with a goal to partner with our military families, local military installations, and military affiliated organizations.

The Viking Village is ready with our staff, teachers, and peer to peer students to welcome or say goodbye to our PCSing military Vikings. We are trained to help those who are serving in the military. Some concerns to our military families are: provide definitive information to families online or in-person as they prepare to enter our school; supporting a child or children with issues of a parent being deployed or be available as families prepare to transition to another duty station or exit out of the military.

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