All Day Absences

All Day Absences 

My student had to stay home the entire day today; how do I excuse this absence?

  • Families are encouraged to excuse absences the same day they occur using their ParentVUE app.
    • Login to ParentVUE.
    • Click the Report Absence button from the Home screen.  
    • Enter the following information:
      • Start Date
      • End Date (the last expected date the student is expected to be absent).
      • Type: Currently, there is only one option, Absent-Excused.
      • Notes: Enter the reason for the absence.
    • Families may also upload any supporting documents such as a doctor’s note or other documentation. 

I was unable to excuse an absence the day it occurred; how do I excuse this absence now?

  • Email [email protected] from the email account associated with your ParentVUE account.
  • Place your student’s LAST NAME, FIRST NAME, and ABSENCE in the subject line.
    • Example: SMITH, JOHN - ABSENCE
  • In the body of the email:
    • Provide your child’s first name, last name, grade and Student ID.
    • Provide the date(s) or periods of absences.
    • Provide the reason for the absence.
      • Examples of an excused absence may include, but are not limited to, the following reasons: illness (including mental health and substance use illnesses), injury, funeral for immediate family member, student’s legal obligations, medical procedures, suspensions, religious observances, military obligation, deployment of a military family member, or visit from a family member who has immediately returned from deployment, emergency conditions in the student’s home, or other reason deemed acceptable by the principal.
      • Families retain the option of not permitting their child to attend school in circumstances when, in the judgment of the parent/guardian, the roads or walkways in their neighborhood are too hazardous to use.
    • Absences may not be excused for missing a ride, a bus, car trouble, or oversleeping.
  • Excuse notes should be submitted within five (5) days of the absence.

I need to prearrange an absence, what should I do?   

  • Families are encouraged to minimize absences during school hours, and to plan family trips and vacations during school holidays.
  • Requests for prearranged absences one or two days in length may be submitted via the ParentVUE App as listed above.
  • Requests for prearranged absences greater than two days should be made directly to your student’s alpha secretary.