About Us

WSHS Vision & Mission


Through acceptance, integrity, perseverance, and Viking pride, our school community will build bridges and close gaps as we become lifelong learners leaving legacies of excellence.


The mission of Woodbridge Senior High School is to empower all members of the Viking family by cultivating the knowledge, skills, attributes, and values needed to successfully engage in the global community.

Viking Values

As Vikings, we are committed to:

  • Striving for academic excellence,
  • Embracing diversity,
  • Fostering an inclusive environment,
  • Accepting personal responsibility,
  • Demonstrating integrity,
  • Building positive relationships,
  • Seeking feedback for continuous growth,
  • Putting forth our best effort at all times,
  • Developing leadership capacity,
  • And using our energy and talent to positively impact our school community.


Our Continuous Improvement Plan: