Student & Staff Recognition

BeMoore Award, January 2024

Congratulations to Genevieve Patterson, our BeMoore Award recipient for January, 2024.

Genevieve recently found a phone and attached to the phone was a wallet with cash. Without a second thought, she turned in the wallet and it was reunited with the person who was nervously searching for something that they thought might be gone forever. 
Genevieve, thank you for this great example of character and integrity. 

Genevieve Patterson holding the BeMoore award

Staff/Student of the Month for January, 2024

Grace Greer, Josh Johnson, and Michelle Reed worked collaboratively with retired Math teacher Kristine Bryant to lead and tutor students who took the Algebra I SOL test in December. As a result of their work, we had the highest pass rate for a winter testing session (math) and many students have now earned the verified math credit they needed for graduation. 

Ms. Greer holding staff of the month award.  Mr. Johnson holding staff of the month award

Julien McBride earned the highest Algebra I score for the winter administration and told his teachers how hard he has worked during remediation despite the distractions he encountered.  

Julien McBridge holding student of the month award

Congratulations to these Vikings on having a positive impact here at WSHS!  

Staff/Students of the Month for December, 2023

Tina DiGiacomo, Lynne Wooten-Mitchell, Julia Calli, Alexa McMillan have worked collaboratively to establish the NAMI club here at WSHS. As Julia and Alexa explained this morning, the goal of the club is to destigmatize mental illness and share resources for students who may struggle with mental health. 

Congratulations to this powerful group of women having a positive impact here at WSHS and beyond. We are the first NAMI club in the state of Virginia.


Staff Member/Student of the Month and Be Moore Award Recipients: October/November

Congratulations to our staff members for being recognized for the following awards: 


-Nicole Haston (October staff member of the month) Presented at a state conference and the work she is doing as a Spanish teacher has also been recognized by PWCS.  


-Brandon Taci (October student of the month) A leader in our newly formed Student Voice Committee. The work he is doing is positively impacting WSHS and PWCS. 


-April Rogozinski and Anne Nichols (Be Moore Awards): These two assisted a student who was having a seizure and ensured student safety until Nurse Rainey arrived. 


-Allen Mulligan and Meshailay Thomas (Be Moore Awards): These two assisted with two separate security issues, ensuring student and staff safety was a priority until our security team could respond. 

 nicholsbemoore.jpeg  rogobemoore.jpegthomasmulligansotm.jpg hastonsotm.jpeg 


BeMoore Award-September 2023

Congratulations to our first BeMoore Award recipient for the 2023-2024 school year, Marcos Ramirez Marquez. He recently went above and beyond to support a fellow WSHS student making him deserving of this award. Congrats Marcos!