Library Policies


Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 7:10am- 2:30pm

Tuesday. Thursday: 7:10am-4:30pm

Visiting the Library

Morning Time:

  • Time to meet with friends, read, check out/ return a book, print, research, and create
  • Pick up lunch pass if needed
  • Sound levels are relaxed in the morning

During school day:

  • Bring pass to the library staff
  • Sign in (at the clipboard by the check out computer)


  • Please use the desktop computers located by the library office
  • Choose printer named Library Ricoh
  • If printing more than 3 pages, please see a librarian

Checking out a book:

  • Choose your book
  • You can get 3 books for 2 weeks
  • Bring to one of the librarians/or library aide to check out
  • If looking for a book that you can't find, please ask for help
  • You may renew a book in person, via email, or by logging into Library Catalog through Canvas Library Course and finding my stuff, clicking on the 3 dots, and clicking renew
  • There are no overdue fines
  • If a book is returned damaged or the book is lost, a student may be charged for the replacement cost

Lunch Time:

  • Pick-up a lunch pass in the morning or before 4th or 5th period
  • Initial lunch pass sign out and drop off pass
  • Sign in (at the clipboard by the check out computer)
  • Remember: no food is allowed in the library

After School:

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 2:10-2:30pm, Library staff is available
  • Tuesday, Thursday: 2:10-4:30pm, Tutoring staff is available

Design Studio:

  • Students can request to use the Design Studio from the library staff
  • A brief orientation including safety, inventory, and usage is provided to individuals, small groups, and classes
  • Upon finishing in the studio, unused materials must be returned to their containers and locations, everything must be turned off, counters and floors cleared of debris, and inform the library staff that this has been completed before leaving