College and Career Planning

Senior Class! The time has come!!

Here are a few things you should do to prepare for senior year:

  • Take or retake the SAT/ACT. SAT free practice is available via Khan Academy. Remember to link your Khan Academy account to your College Board account for individualized practice.
  • Finalize your college list. If possible, visit two or three colleges that interest you. Don't limit you list to school based on your friends choices. Do what's best for YOU!
  • Get a summer job or volunteer with a local community agency

Prince William County Public Schools Academic and Career Plan

The Virginia Board of Education requires that all students in grades 7, 9, and 11 create an Academic and Career Plan (ACP) as an individualized program of study to outline post secondary academic and career goals. Access and edit your individualized plan using the links below:

View a Academic and Career Plan tutorial video

Access your Academic Career Plan