School Summary

Woodbridge Senior High School is a comprehensive high school of approximately 2,680 students located in a suburban community of the Washington, D. C. metropolitan area. WSHS provides a challenging academic offering with an emphasis on college preparation, as well as a variety of excellent Career and Technical preparation programs. WSHS houses Prince William County's Advanced Placement Scholars program for the eastern end of the county and the Project Lead the Way engineering program. The student demographic population at WSHS includes 33.1% White/Non-Hispanic, 29.7% Hispanic, 22.4% Black, 7.8% Asian/ Pacific Islander, and 7% Other. The staff demographic population at WSHS includes 78.7% White/Non-Hispanic, 4.1% Hispanic, 13.6% Black, 0.6% Asian/ Pacific Islander, and 3% Other.

In regards to academic achievement, WSHS has exceeded all state accreditation benchmarks over the past three years and is "fully accredited." Student membership enrollment was consistently about 2900 in previous years; however, dropped to 2,600 due the opening of Colgan High School for the 2016-17 school year. While the Center for the Fine & Performing Arts Program moved to the new high school, WSHS still offers 95% of the fine and performing arts courses to all students at WSHS due to continued student interest. Student participation in Advanced Placement courses has averaged over 800 students enrolled in at least one AP course over the past three years. School safety has improved consistently over a three-year period such that there were significant decreases in each identified category area each year.

WSHS has an awesome relationship with the community it serves. Community involvement is welcomed. Involvement in student clubs and sports are tremendous. WSHS strives to have every student involved in at least one activity outside of the academic classroom. Programs and presentations are available in the evening and on the weekend for parent and community involvement. It is vital to afford parents, guardians, and community members the opportunity to understand educational requirements and process for students to ensure informed planning from year to year and post-secondary. WSHS has expanded its sources of communication with all stakeholders in hopes of getting information out efficiently and to as many individuals as possible. Phone messages, hard copy documents, emails, and social media sites are all used to convey pertinent information to all stakeholders.