What is SALC?

Woodbridge Senior High School has a unique course called Leadership Seminar, more commonly known as “SALC”.

It is an empowering student-run government organization designed to give students multiple opportunities to make a difference in our school and in the community. It is an enriching program that helps student ambassadors of WSHS enhance their leadership skills. It is made of an eclectic group of students who are driven and ambitious to lead but who also have a desire to work as a team and a professional unit.

Who takes SALC?

SALC is offered to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. There are three levels of the SALC program.

  • SALC I- This course is made up of mostly sophomores and juniors interested in leadership. The class focuses on setting the groundwork for fundamental leadership skills and introducing students to the many exciting projects and opportunities of the program.
  • SALC II- This course is for students who have completed SALC I already (primarily juniors and seniors). It is practicum-based, which means that students are practicing leadership lessons taught in SALC I and in SALC II with many different school-based projects and traditions. They work closely with students in SALC III.
  • SALC III- This course is made up of seniors who have previously taken SALC I and SALC II. It is designed as a leadership internship in which students are placed in leadership roles. In these roles, students must execute all lessons taught in order to produce some of Woodbridge’s most engaging activities and events.

What does SALC do?

The list is long! SALC is responsible for: All Homecoming-related events and projects, New Student Orientation, School Tours, Operation Holiday Help, Awareness Months, Penny Wars, Bulletin Boards, the WSHS Leadership Summit, Prom, PowderPuff, Spirit Weeks & Days, in addition to many more tasks!

When does SALC meet?

This school year, SALC II/III meets every 6th period and SALC I meets every 4th period. Sometimes responsibilities carry over into FLEX periods and after school hours. In mid to late August, students and the SALC instructors will meet to begin planning for the beginning of the year.

How do I become a part of SALC?

SALC has become a competitive program to enroll in, so there are a few steps to the process

  1. Attend an Information and Recruitment Session
  2. Receive the application at this session and then apply for the program
  3. Interview for the program

SALC Mission:

Achieving camaraderie through leadership growth, engagement of a diverse student body, and the pursuit of excellence.

SALC Vision:

SALC strives to engage the full potential of leadership capacity through acceptance, perseverance, and integrity within the community.

If you have any questions, please see Mr. Viola, Mr. Willard, Mrs. Swain, or Mrs. Karnbach in room 1700/1701 or email them at violamd@pwcs.edu, williadm@pwcs.edu, swainra@pwcs.edu, or karnbama@pwcs.edu.