Administrators and Counselors Contact Information
Posted on 08/17/2021
Administrators and Counselors Contact Information

Looking for your administrator or counselors contact information? Find it here on this page below:


Principal: Ms. Abney, [email protected]
Executive Secretary: Anita Sweeney, [email protected]

Activities Director, Micheal Wright, [email protected]
Activities Secretary: Wendy Depetro, [email protected]

Parent Liasion, Paola Orellana, [email protected]

Assistant Principal Students A-F Aaron Greenfield, [email protected]
Students A-F Secretary: Rebeca Manzanares, [email protected] 

Assistant Principal, Students G-N: Cynthia Triechler, [email protected]
Students G-N Secretary: Cheryl Zizzo, [email protected] 

Assistant Principal, Students O-Z: Shelia Coleman, [email protected]
Students O-Z- Secretary: Debra Johnson, [email protected]   

Assistant Principal IEP/504 Students: Michele Sullivan, [email protected]
IEP/504 Student Secretary: Marylee Tuniki, [email protected]


Director of Counseling: Charmelle Ackins, [email protected]
Registrar: Christina Guevara, [email protected]

 Secretary: Gaby Vanegas, [email protected]

Students A-Bom: Lynne Wooten Mitchell, [email protected]
Students Bon-Del: David Roberts, [email protected]
Students Dem-Goo: Stan Jones [email protected]
Students Gop-Ket: Kayce Swanson, [email protected]
Students Keu-Mit: Zoe Falkenstein, [email protected]
Students Miu-Ram: Joe Lederman, [email protected]
Students Ran-Tam: Karen Eaton, [email protected]
Students Tan-Z: Beth Edwards, [email protected]

College and Career: Yusef Muhammad, [email protected]
Psychologist: Allison Susi, [email protected]
Social Worker: Seth Solondz, [email protected]
New Horizons, Tina Digiacomo, [email protected]


Instructional Technology Coach (Student Accounts*): Katie Fielding, [email protected]
TSPECC (Hardware Issues), David Mammen, [email protected]

*Note for ParentVue account information please contact your students alpha secretary above.