Boys WON states! Hayden Goodman lead the boys in 5th place followed by Nate McMahon in 9th who stepped up big time to help secure that state victory. Cameron McDuffie , 22nd,  and Owen Renquist, 26th,  were our 3rd and 4th team finishers and their performances helped to advance our chances for the title win.  Collin Keehan, 40th,  was our 5th scorer to cross the line and he held off two hard charging competitors which all but sealed the deal. Deaven Roberts was our 6th man in and he raced all out for his team. Our final scorer was 9th grader Bradley Johnson and his role on the team has been handled like a veteran racer. Last but not least, congrats to our 2 alternates, Matt Clark and Jamison Mann, who remained loyal to the team a month past the regular season. Their time is coming!   Congrats to these boys, they really deserved this win! And a big congratulations to Liana Eberly as she earned a podium spot position at the state meet. She placed 15th overall and received a top 15 state medal! Congrats on an amazing XC season!