What are SALC, SALT, and VALC?

Woodbridge Senior High School has three student leadership development courses: Student Activities and Leadership Council (SALC), Athletic and Sports Leadership Development (SALT), and academic leadership known as the Viking Academic Leadership Class (VALC).

Students will learn about the aspects of leadership by looking at historical and modern examples. Planning and implementing school activities will allow the students the practical application of leadership theory. Through the practice of planning, coordinating, and implementing school wide activities, students will be exposed to a wide variety of leadership experiences. Each student enrolled in the course is assigned a position in which they are responsible for specific tasks that support the student body.

Who takes SALC?

SALC is offered to all grades. There are three levels of the SALC program.

  • SALC I- This course is made up of mostly freshmen and sophomores interested in leadership. The class focuses on setting the groundwork for fundamental leadership skills and introducing students to the many exciting projects and opportunities of the program.
  • SALC II- This course is for students who have completed SALC I already (generally sophomores, juniors, and seniors). It is practicum-based, which means that students are practicing leadership lessons taught in SALC I and in SALC II with many different school-based projects and traditions. They work closely with students in SALC III.
  • SALC III- This course is made up of seniors who have previously taken SALC I and SALC II. It is designed as a leadership internship in which students are placed in leadership roles. In these roles, students must execute all lessons taught in order to produce some of Woodbridge's most engaging activities and events.

Who takes SALT?

  • This course provides leadership skills and lessons for students that participate in athletics and want to extend their knowledge of being a leader. Upon completion of this course, students will understand the importance of teambuilding, create mission and vision statements, develop refined public speaking skills, examine the importance of reflection, and assess the value of building relationships within the team and with coaches.

Who takes VALC?

  • This course is made up of juniors and seniors who are interested in helping the school community academically while also extending their knowledge of being a leader. Students in this course are leaders in the classroom who practice their leadership by helping other students through the Viking Learning Center.

For which events are SALC, SALT, and VLC responsible?

The main events that SALC is responsible for are New Student Orientation, Homecoming, Operation Holiday Help, the Student Leadership Summit, Multicultural Night, and Prom.

The main events that SALT is responsible for are the WSHS Hall of Fame, the Homecoming Pep Rally, PowderPuff, and so much more!

The VALC is responsible for running the tutoring center, also known as the Viking Learning Center.

How do I become a part of SALC?

Please reach out to your counselor for more information.

Contact Information:

If you have any questions regarding SALC II/III, please see Mrs. Swain or Mr. Munford in room 1700/1701 or email them at or

If you have any questions regarding SALC I, please email Ms. Darcy (, Ms. Frase (, or Ms. Haskins (

If you have any questions regarding SALT, please see Mr. Geck in the main office or email him at

If you have any questions regarding VALC, please see Ms. Terrill in room 1007 or email her at