Class Schedule:

Period Gold Days (Odd) Period Green Days (Even)
1 GEMS 2 Gifted Seminar
3 Gifted Seminar Flex Flex
5 Film Study 4 Gifted Seminar
7 Film Study 6 Gifted Seminar

Office Hours:

Schools are closed to all students through June 2020.  Mrs. LaPlant can be reached via email at at any time.

Other items:

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  • GEMS: iqxb2ae 
  • Film Study: f1ee2kx
  • Senior Class Seminar: nj25uyq
  • Junior Class Seminar: s3kbf4
  • Sophomore Class Seminar: fy3cr7f 
  • Freshman Class Seminar: z2n5vz7
  • Summer Residential Governor's School: 77n9xgn