As a result of a Virginia Department of Education graduation requirement that was enacted in 2013, all students graduating with a standard diploma must be able to prove that they are ready to enter the workforce by earning an industry recognized credential exam. Seniors and those graduating in 2020, on a standard diploma, must have earned at least one industry credential during their time at Woodbridge. Many students would have had the opportunity to take such an exam within most Career and Technical Education courses. You may have been identified, by your counselor, as missing this graduation requirement. As a precaution, you are being advised to use the resources on this page to study for the WPR Exam. The testis a baseline skills test that proves that you are ready for the workforce. Passing the timed exam, which consists of 100 multiple choice questions, with a 75% or better will satisfy the graduation requirement. You will be contacted with a scheduled date for you to take the exam.  In an attempt to help you prepare for the exam, a list of resources is included on this page. It is our hope that you take some time to review the materials. While the test covers mostly common sense questions, reviewing the test packet and practicing with online resources will increase the odds of passing the exam and earning the needed credential. On behalf of the WSHS Admin and Testing Team, we wish you the best and good luck. If you have any concerns or questions about the test, please feel free to contact me, at

-Carlos Castro, Dept Chair, Career and Technical Education

What is the Workplace Readiness Skills Test?

Workplace readiness skills comprise the skill set sought by employers across a wide spectrum of fields and industries.

Employers are looking for the best match between their open position and the applicant. Research has established three key workplace competencies that are most predictive of job success throughout the field of employment: Personal Qualities, Professional Skills, and Technology Literacy.

The State of Virginia Department of Education utilized this research in the development of a Workplace Readiness Skills test. The workplace skills assessment test’s a total of 21 specific personal, professional, and technology-oriented aspects, all recognized as essential to positive job performance.

Personal Qualities

The seven personal aspects highlighted in WRS tests include:

  • Integrity – abides by workplace policies and laws and demonstrates honesty and reliability
  • Creativity and Resourcefulness – contributes new ideas and works with initiative
  • Self-Representation – dresses appropriately and uses language and manners suitable for the workplace
  • Positive Work Ethic – comes to work every day on time, is willing to take direction, and is motivated to accomplish the task at hand
  • Diversity Awareness – works well with all customers and coworkers
  • Teamwork – contributes to the success of the team, assists others, and requests help when needed
  • Conflict Resolution – Negotiates diplomatic solutions to interpersonal and workplace issues

Professional Skills

  • Customer Service – identifies and addresses the needs of all customers, providing helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable service
  • Speaking and Listening – follows directions and communicated effectively with customers and coworkers
  • Organizations, Systems and Climates – identifies “big picture” issues and his/her role in fulfilling the mission of the workplace
  • Health and Safety – follows safety guidelines and manages personal health
  • Mathematics – uses mathematical reasoning to accomplish tasks
  • Job Acquisition and Advancement – prepares to apply for a job and to seek promotion
  • Lifelong Learning – continually acquires new industry-related information and improves professional skills
  • Time, Task and Resource Management – organizes and implements a productive plan of work
  • Reading and Writing – reads and interprets workplace documents and writes clearly
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving – analyzes and resolves problems that arise

Technology Literacy

  • Internet Use and Security – uses the Internet appropriately for work
  • Telecommunications – selects and uses appropriate devices, services, and applications
  • Information Technology – uses computers, file management techniques, and software effectively
  • Job-Specific Technologies – selects and safely uses technological resources to accomplish work responsibilities in a productive manner

The Workplace Readiness Test will be:

  • 100 multiple choice questions
  • One hour timed test
  • A passing score is 75% or higher

Practice Resources:

One hour timed practice test with 88 questions
53-minute timed practice test with 88 questions
Untimed practice test with 50 questions
Untimed practice test with 10 random questions from a 50-question database

Each time you visit this site you will receive a different set of questions.

Print Resources:

These pdf files can be downloaded and viewed on a browser or printed out at your convenience. They will be posted as soon as answer keys are available

Additional Resources:

Information about the Workplace Readiness Test from the Virginia Department of Education Website.