Students who have a passion for Hair, Skin, Makeup, or Nails may apply for Prince William County School's Cosmetology Program at Woodbridge High School. The Cosmetology industry is a high demand career field. You will be guaranteed a job no matter where you go regardless of the economy. There are many reasons why you may choose a career in Cosmetology: Do you enjoy helping others look and feel their best? Are you interested in leaving high school with a career ready certification? Sitting behind a desk all day may not be your dream job environment. Do you enjoy socializing and interacting with people? Are you interested in owning your own salon? A career in the field of Cosmetology is an excellent opportunity to earn high wages as a full time employee or as a flexible part time job to help fund your college tuition. As a Cosmetologist you are in control of your earning potential for your future.

Students will attend Cosmetology for 3 block periods per school year during both their Junior and Senior years of high school. Students earn 3 credits towards high school graduation for successful completion of each course or a total of 6 credits for successful completion of the entire Cosmetology Program. Successful completion of Lab competencies and Theory curriculum prepare the student for the Virginia Cosmetology State Board licensing exam.

Students who successfully complete this program have the skills and knowledge needed for the following jobs:

Licensed Cosmetologist
Salon Manager / Owner
Receptionist in a Salon
Make-Up Specialist
Skin Care Technician
Eyebrow technician
Many more career opportunities as well.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact:

Mrs. Corry at,  or Mrs. Hudson at