Mr. Jenkins

Mr. Hillary Jenkins

The Administration and Staff at Woodbridge Senior High School considers the safety and security of our students and staff our number one priority. To accomplish this requires a team effort from both the students and parents and our staff. I have a staff of two other Security Assistants in addition to myself whose primary responsibility is making sure that our students and staff have a safe and secure environment in which to learn. All of us are certified by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justices Services as School Security Officers.

I encourage all parents to talk to your students about this vital topic. My staff and I are always available to talk to either parents or students about any problems or potential problems that may affect our school and our students. The Security Office is in the main office, next to the Principal's office and my direct office line is 571.492.3550.

Student Parking Passes:

Students who are licensed to drive automobiles may purchase Student Parking Passes from my office. The applications for these passes can be picked up in the Main Office at the receptionist desk. These applications must be filled out and signed by both the student and the parent (on the back). The cost is $100.00 and checks should be made payable to Woodbridge Senior High School. Please note: Students parking in the school parking lot is a privilege and this privilege can be revoked or suspended for certain violations of School Policy. A detailed letter explaining this will be sent home with the student when the parking pass is purchased.

I look forward to a very successful and enjoyable year, please feel free to contact me at my number listed above or email me should you have any questions or concerns.

Mr. Hilary Jenkins School Safety/Security Officer

Jason Lockamy Security Assistant
Ronald Walker Security Assistant