Posted on 08/15/2019

StudentVue Accounts Are Live!
Students you can download the StudentVue app or go to to get into your account. Your login will be the same one you use to login to your Microsoft365 account ( 
, your password is the password you use to log into the school computer.

Schedules will appear Wednesday, August 21 @ 5pm.

Below is a worksheet that should help you remember your account details if you don't remember. If you can't log on Ms. Fielding will be available Tuesday, Aug 20th from 8-10am, and Wednesday, August 21st from 8-1pm to help you reset your password before schedules go live. Ms. Fielding is located in the library. Look for the signs that say password paradise.

StudentVue password resets must be done in person and cannot be done via phone or email. Please contact Ms Fielding with any questions.