Sept 18 Lockdown Event
Posted on 09/19/2019
Letter from Ms. Abney

Dear Students, Staff Members, Parents and Guardians,

I am very proud of our Woodbridge Senior High School students and their handling of a stressful situation at our school earlier today.

This morning, we received a call that a citizen heard what sounded like gunshots were near the school while also seeing smoke and a car speed away. Due to the unknown situation, our school was immediately placed on lockdown as a precautionary measure at approximately 10:20 am. PWC Police were dispatched and arrived within minutes. After PWC police could not substantiate report of gunshots, we switched to Secure the Building as another precautionary measure.  At approximately 10:50 am, PWC Police gave the all clear, secure the Building was lifted, and normal school activities continued.

Our first priority was ensuring the safety of students and staff at the school, and then as rapidly as possible we communicated the circumstances to all parents and guardians via email, text, and social media.

This disruption to the school day did impact A lunch.  As a result, students who normally have A lunch were moved to a new lunch shift- F lunch. 

I am pleased to report that our students and staff did exactly what was expected of them during a lockdown.  Since we understand incidents like these can cause undue stress, we have counselors in all lunch shifts today to support our students.

I will be speaking to the students via the PA system during 7th period today to give them a synopsis of what happened so that they understand why we went on lockdown while also reassuring them our focus on safety first. 

If a student has ongoing concerns as a result of today, please encourage them to reach out to their counselor.

Mrs Heather Abney
Principal, Woodbridge Senior High School

Parents if you did not receive the email message from PWCS regarding the lockdown event of September 18 and your email is in the system it is likely that you have blocked emails from PWCs.  You have two courses of action to receive the emails:

  1. Add to their contacts list
  2. Email to have their email address unblocked.