JCLC June 2020 is Scheduled to be at Fort AP Hill, Va


Camps will provide a safe environment for the practical application of good citizenship and leadership techniques.


The objectives of JROTC Cadet Leadership Challenges are:

  1. To provide a safe, healthy and fun training environment that is both physically and mentally challenging.
  2. To provide hands-on training designed to develop leadership, discipline, teamwork and self-confidence.
  3. To provide adventure training not normally available on campus.
  4. To enable cadets to practice leadership in a challenging environment.
  5. To allow cadets to participate in citizenship-building exercises.
  6. To give cadets the opportunity to exercise living and interacting with their peers in a military setting.
  7. To take advantage of recreational facilities available in the area and to have fun.
  8. Implement and provide STEM educational empowerment initiatives at JCLC.


An additional objective of JCLC Summer Camp at WSHS is to use this experience to select the next school year leaders and future leaders within the Viking Battalion. We also want to highly encourage cadets to participate in formal training events within the battalion such as the Leadership Academy, Black Shirt Train-Up various teams and battalion committees to prepare them for JCLC.

In 2018 we started an Order of Merit List (tryout process). This new system is designed to allow cadets to receive an informative, challenging, safe and activity-filled leadership experience, that will motivate our Cadets to develop individual and team building skills to prepare to attend JCLC. The key ares we train the cadets to accomplish at JCLC are:

  1. Cadet Cadre Leadership Experience
  2. Physical Fitness
  3. Leadership Reaction Course
  4. Land Navigation/Orienteering
  5. Rappel Tower
  6. Confidence/Obstacle Course
  7. Organized Team Athletics
  8. Drill and Ceremony Competition
  9. Leadership Board

Finally, all cadets are required to faithfully serve in a company leadership position, a JROTC Team leader / JROTC team XO or on the battalion staff upon return for two years. Note: We my be scheduled to attend JCLC at Virginia Tech for summer of 2020.

WSHS Leadership Week- August 2019

During this four-day training event cadets an average class of 28 new Learning Education and Training cadets were introduced to: Army physical fitness, drill and ceremony, basic leadership and “followship”, military protocol/customs and courtesies, fitting for their uniform, and the proper wear of the army uniforms. Our new cadets were also personally introduced to their cadet leadership team and meet other new cadets before they start the school year. Cadets participated in a field trip to the Dale City pool where they were taught drawn proofing by the cadre and senior cadets. The last day of training the cadets conducted a demonstration of what they learned during the week, received individual awards and share a pizza meal while parents meet with the Mrs. Christina Wilson, the Viking Parent Support Group President.