About Advanced Placement Scholars


The AP Scholars Program is a four-year college preparatory program designed to provide students with an educational foundation of critical thinking and analytical skills as well as the improvement of written, oral, and presentation skills. By participating in Advanced Placement courses offered at Woodbridge Senior High School (based on AP curricula outlined by the College Board), students in the AP Scholars program are given unique opportunities to analyze data, synthesize information from multiple sources and points of view, problem solve for real-life situations, work both independently and collaboratively, and communicate effectively in multiple formats. Students may also earn college credit for qualifying scores on AP exams (college credit for AP scores varies by college/university and by subject).

Mission Statement

Within the framework of the Advanced Placement Scholars Program, Woodbridge Senior High School students are motivated to challenge themselves academically, will develop the requisite skills needed to achieve success in Advanced Placement courses, improve SAT and ACT scores, and establish the academic foundation necessary to move on to either a two or four-year university program after graduation.

Vision Statement

Through the Advanced Placement Scholars Program, faculty, administration, and parents will work together to develop an instructional environment that supports, validates, and encourages Woodbridge Senior High School students to reach beyond the standard high school course progression toward a more rigorous academic program focused on challenging motivated students to achieve at the highest levels.